The Story of a Photographer

As a young girl, my grandfather let me play with his Canon camera, and my life was changed. From the get-go I realized I enjoyed photographing people, being able to capture their stories and preserving them in time. I wanted to learn more and in High School I did just that. I took an advanced photography class and learned how to shoot digitally and how to develop film, juxtaposition and light, contrast and how to edit in different programs. Even then, I only photographed as a hobby. It wasn't until my one year wedding anniversary when my husband gifted me my DSLR camera that I picked it up again and started rebuilding my portfolio, learning truly what I wanted to continue to photograph: families. Whether it's a fresh ring on your finger with the one whom your soul loves and curating your own new family unit, or creating and bringing a new life into this world, I want to document it all!

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”