Couples & Engagements


Up to 1.5 Hours
One Location
Two Outfits
Online Gallery + Print Release

Individual Portraits


1 Hour
One Location
Two Outfits
Online Gallery + Print Release



1 Hour
One Location
Two Outfits
Online Gallery + Print Release
*bundle w/ Newborn Photoshoot, save $100*



1 Hour - 1.5 Hours
One Location
Two Outfits (for baby)
Online Gallery + Print Release



1 Hour
One Location
One Outfit For All
Online Gallery + Print Release
Up to 6 People
*price subject to vary

Personal & Business Branding

Starts at $600

2 Hours
One Location
Two Outfits
Online Gallery + Print Release
*prices subject to vary*

Wedding Collection: "The Works"

starts at $3799

Everything from Wedding Collection: "Simplicity"
9 hours photo coverage
Free Engagement Session
2nd Photographer
Photos professionally edited and delivered digitally

Wedding Collection: "Simplicity"

starts at $2799

8 hours photo coverage
Bridal party "getting ready"
Ceremony & Reception Coverage
Bride & Groom Portraits
Bridal Party Portraits
Family Portraits


starts at $1499

Bridge & Groom Portraits
Ceremony coverage

*package cost will vary depending on amount of time/location


Do you travel for photoshoots?

Currently, I am not accepting clients where I have to travel outside of my local home. Due to health concerns, traveling outside of a 1 hour radius is just too difficult for me! Hopefully in the future this can change. Depending on your location, I can possibly make adjustments.

What's in your camera bag?

Besides extra lenses, batteries & SD storage cards: my goal is to make you and your family comfortable. So if there is anything I can bring to make your kids (and sometimes husband) happy, I can bring and carry treats.

How long have you been a photographer?

Outside of all the years pursuing it as just a hobby, I have been doing this professionally for 5 years.

Can we meet you before booking?

I am more than happy to do a free 30 minute consult via Zoom or FaceTime with you. Making sure you have a connection with your photographer is super important and I value that!

What should we wear for photos?

A free resource that I always recommend to my clients is to find inspiration from Pinterest. You'll be surprised with all of the different ideas out there! As far as personal advice: I highly advise against super bright colors and busy patterns. Earth tone colors for the most part are a safe zone and compliments most everyone's complexions. Patterns are okay... as long as they coincide together and fit with one another. I think matching is great, but not identical matching: this has become very out of style. I usually offer styling advice to all of my clients before their shoot to ease their minds and help out!

What if we need to reschedule or cancel?

More detailed information on this will be in your contract, but rescheduling is not a problem. Life happens! I get it, believe me. To protect my own schedule and my time and resources, it does come with a fee, and usually needs to be rescheduled within 2 weeks. If I (the photographer) need to reschedule, it will also be within 2 weeks and in addition, you will receive a discount off of your photoshoot for the inconvenience.

Do you give us all of the RAW files?

No. Because you are hiring me for my artwork, you are hiring me for the finished project, not the unfinished. This includes my editing styles, etc. You wouldn't ask a painter for his painting only partially complete! My photography is the same.

How do I book my session?

1) Get a hold of me, ask me as many questions as you want, and you and I will get right into figuring out if we are made for each other the way I hope we probably are!

2) Give me the word, say 'I do', and I'll shoot you a contract so we can make it official. I also offer payment plans, but I always require a non-refundable retainer at the time of booking.

3) I'll shoot you a questionnaire so that I can get the creative wheels in motion as I begin to envision our shoot and the most authentic way to capture you and/or your family!

Ready to Begin?